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90-Day Sale Guarantee Program

When you need to sell your home, time is truly of the essence. The impact of not selling your home in a timely manner can be life altering and extremely frustrating.

As your listing agent, I am on your team, and I take selling your home very seriously. Since the stakes are always high for a timely home sale, I'm willing to put my commission on the line in my effort to get your home sold

If I am unable to get an offer on your home within 90 days of the list date, I will reduce the listing commission percentage to ZERO. You will only be responsible for paying a buyer agent who brings a buyer to you that ultimately settles on the home and a flat fee to my broker that is due on all transactions for $295

Not only does this offer potentially save you money, but more importantly it demonstrates my commitment to your goal of selling your home, since no one enjoys working for free.

The caveat to the program is that of course we have to agree to the listing terms, including the list price. This is not usually a problem for a seller who is realistic about their asking price, and motivated to get an offer that is inline with what the market dictates.

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