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Investor $20K Profit Guarantee Program

If you're a real estate investor, you count on making good decisions about the properties you select, and how much you pay for them. Making a miscalculation can literally affect your livelihood, and have a substantial opportunity cost in your search for additional properties.

Because I am committed to the investment process from beginning to end, I am willing to stake my knowledge and expertise on your success. This means that I am willing to guarantee your gross profit to be no less than $20,000 on a property that you purchase through me and then sell through me within 6 months of the original purchase.

To meet this guarantee, I first need to get you the best possible deal on your property when you purchase it. Then I need to advise you as to the selling prices of comparable properties in the neighborhood which have been renovated. This will lead to us agreeing on a renovation budget within which you must stay, and a renovation plan that brings your property up to the standards set by similar properties in the neighborhood. Then finally, I must list and market your property successfully to result in a profit of $20,000 gross.

If you are losing money or barely profitting on the venture, then I will waive the listing commission. You will only be responsible for a flat broker fee of $295 to my broker which is collected on all transactions, and the buyer's agent commission if they bring a buyer who ultimately purchase the home.

The only reason I can make such a guarantee is that I have sold investment properties myself, and experienced the pitfalls that come with that territory. I am also very aware of the neighborhoods that are the most ripe for turning a profit of at least $20,000 on a quality renovation.

So not only do you get top-notch agency representation on the buying and selling end of the process, you also get unlimited access to the advice of a savvy investor who is behind you every step of the way.

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